Peter and Wendy did an amazing job covering our special day! They were incredible and fun to work with. Not only was Peter behind the camera at every moment, but Wendy was also nearby helping us through the overall coordination of the wedding and the small mishaps.

     Peter did an excellent job capturing all of our special moments on camera (i.e. nothing was missed) and we are very impressed with the quality and diversity of the pictures we have been given. The pictures Peter took were beautiful and we are particularly very happy with some of the special effects he was able to include in the photos (i.e. lighting, colours, cropping). The pictures were sent to us very promptly after the wedding and the website in which we use to view them is very easy to use.

     Overall, Peter and Wendy made our wedding day extremely enjoyable and we were very impressed by their dedication and professionalism. For the excellent service we received, we think the package prices were extremely reasonable (especially in comparison to what some of our friends paid for less) and we would highly recommend Lyn Photography to other couples.

Sarah& Chris



     I lucked out in a strange way when I was forced to scramble to find another photographer only a few months before our wedding day.  Needless to say, describing my level of anxiety as "ever progressing as the minutes ticked by" would probably be accurate.  I decided to search on the Internet to see if I could locate someone in our area who, with some luck (which I felt I was quickly running out of!) was available to shoot our wedding.

     To my utter relief, I received a prompt response from Lyn Photography.  Seeming to tune into my impending sense of doom, they reassured me they were available that day, and were eager to set up a meeting to decide what ideas we had for what we wanted the pictures to reflect on the wedding day.

     I am the first to admit that organization in my personal life is NOT my forte, and I was willing to let the photographer do his thing, hoping little direction would be required from myself or my groom.  We couldn't have hired a better pair than Peter and Wendy.

     Not only did our photos turn out FABulous, the time spent with Peter and Wendy on the day of our wedding was lovely.  They are both very nice people with good senses of humour and a keen eye for creative photos.  Unassuming and able to work with little if any disturbance to the natural progression of things, they took a ton of photos at 3 different locations, entertained the numerous children flocking around them, adeptly dealt with a spastic bride and a shell-shocked groom,  and gave us a set of wedding photos we will cherish forever.

Amanda & Bill



Can you let Peter now how everyone loved the pictures. Everyone that sees them are amazed at the shots he took. Thought he'd want to know.

Thanks again for making me look like a million bucks.

Antoinette & Andrew




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